KD Hospital - Orthopedic Hospital in Ahmedabad

The orthopedic surgery department at KD Hospital is the centre of excellence in orthopedics and joint replacement centre in Ahmedabad. With its latest technologies and state-of-art equipment delivering excellent outputs of the orthopedic surgery procedures at Kusum Dhirajlal Hospital, patients trust the treatments and services of the joint replacement centre in Ahmedabad.

Apart from being the unbeatable joint replacement centre in Ahmedabad, KD Hospital provides a wide range of orthopedic surgery in Ahmedabad to serve patients that include surgeries like:

Sports medicine and arthroscopic unit

  • Meniscus injury
  • ACL injury (Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury)
  • Shoulder instability
  • Hip arthroscopy

Ortho-onco unit

  • Paediatric bone tumors
  • Limb salvage surgery

Trauma fracture

  • Fracture fixation with minimal invasive technique
  • Complex trauma

Spine unit

  • Disc prolapse
  • Spinal deformities correction
  • Spinal canal stenosis etc

Joint replacement unit

  • Total knee replacement
  • Total hip replacement

Paediatric ortho unit

  • Congenital anomalies of upper and lower limb
  • Birth defect
  • Birth deformities
  • Fracture
  • Metabolic disorders like rickets, scurvy, etc.

In addition to this, our dedicated orthopedic OT with C-arm makes our orthopedic surgery department the best centre for orthopedic surgery in Ahmedabad. The availability of all types of arthroscopic surgeries for various joints including shoulder, knee, and ankle are available at our hospital.

We offer highly specialized orthopedic surgery in Ahmedabad with adequate care under the guidance and expertise of the orthopedic surgeons who are highly experienced in their respective specializations. The excellent quality of services combined with the positive and timely solutions provided to the patients have made KD Hospital the most sought after joint replacement centre in Ahmedabad. You can also avail advanced physiotherapy rehabilitation and support at our orthopedic department after you undergo primary, complex, and revision surgeries at our hospital for orthopedic surgery in Ahmedabad.