Best Multispeciality Hospital in Ahmedabad

KD Foundation is a unit of Shri Harihar Maharaj Charitable Trust, which is established with the objective to reach out to all those groups of society who are in need and unable to afford prompt healthcare services.

India has one of the largest underprivileged populations in the world, with an estimated 364 million people living below the poverty line. These individuals face numerous challenges that adversely affect their health outcomes, such as inadequate access to healthcare services, malnutrition, and substandard living conditions. Access to healthcare services in rural areas, where the need is greatest, is hindered by limited resources, a scarcity of healthcare professionals, and social and economic barriers.

Best Multispeciality Hospital in Ahmedabad

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  • In India, approximately 20-25% of people die each year due to the inability to afford prompt e good quality medical care due to a lack of resources or financial aids.
  • To provide necessary & quality healthcare to the vulnerable groups of the e society, KD Foundation has been established with an objective to reach out to all those groups of the society who are in need e unable to afford prompt healthcare services.
  • KD Foundation is focused on providing these individuals with healthcare services and facilities that everyone has the right of availing.
  • We strongly believe that every human being has a fundamental right to access medical treatment. With your precious support, we can build the future of those in need.

The objectives of the KD Foundation were initiated in response to these challenges.

Project Disha

According to the National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB), India is home to a third of the world’s visually challenged population.

Despite the magnitude of the problem of avoidable blindness in developing countries, studies have shown that only a tiny percentage of the people needing treatment seek it. Hence we decided to start an eye care community initiative “Project Disha”, to reach out to these patients at their doorsteps rather than waiting for them to arrive at the hospital’s door. Project Disha is a community initiative by KD Hospital, Ahmedabad. We aim to eradicate ‘Avoidable Blindness’ by facilitating eye care services in needy communities.

Goals and Objectives of Project Disha:

  • To target and eradicate avoidable blindness
  • To provide quality, timely and affordable treatment
  • Promote eye health among locals
  • To establish a network of eye care centres for treatment and rehabilitation
  • To train local volunteers for facilitating eye care in their respective areas

PANKH - Program for Assessment and Nourishment of Kids Health

Program for Assessment and Nourishment of Kids Health for underprivileged children which aims to improve their overall health and well-being by providing comprehensive healthcare services.

Aim :

  • To increase the accessibility of healthcare services
  • To reduce morbidity and mortality
  • To raise awareness about the healthcare needs of these children in the community

Components of PANKH :

  • Identification of healthcare needs of these children
  • Regular Health Check-Ups and health screenings
  • Vaccination drive
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Nutrition Education and Support
  • Post Health Check follow-up care
  • Recreational and Educational activities

Organ Donation Awareness Drive

According to some studies more than 2,00,000 people in India are in need of an organ transplant each year, and the number of organs available for transplantation falls far short.

Aim :

  • To encourage people to register as organ donors
  • To educate the community on the critical need for organ donors
  • To educate people on the impact of organ donation

Components of Organ Donation Awareness Drive :

  • To conduct informational workshops and seminars on organ donation and transplantation
  • To collaborate with local organizations and community groups to spread awareness
  • To arrange Walkathon/Run for awareness of organ donation
  • To promote organ donation pledge and registration

Project Shree Maa

This program aims to provide comprehensive Antenatal care to expecting mothers in the villages, including free health checkups, nutritional guidance, timely examinations, appropriate medications, awareness sessions, and support for a healthy delivery.

Project Shree Maa is a recently launched initiative by KD Foundation that focuses on providing comprehensive antenatal care to expecting mothers in rural areas of Gujarat. This program is designed to address the specific healthcare needs of pregnant women and ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy journey for them.

Under Project Shree Maa, we offer a range of services and support to expecting mothers. One of the key components is free health checkups, where trained healthcare professionals conduct regular examinations to monitor the mother's health and the development of the fetus. These checkups help identify any potential health risks or complications early on, allowing for timely interventions and appropriate medical treatments.

Nutritional guidance is also an essential aspect of Project Shree Maa. We understand the significance of proper nutrition during pregnancy, and our program provides expecting mothers with guidance on maintaining a balanced diet that meets their nutritional requirements. By educating them about the importance of healthy eating habits, we strive to improve both maternal and fetal well-being.

In addition to health checkups and nutritional guidance, Project Shree Maa conducts awareness sessions to empower expecting mothers with knowledge about prenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal care. These sessions cover topics such as the importance of immunizations, breastfeeding practices, and hygiene practices to promote a safe and healthy environment for both the mother and the child.

Our initiative also extends support for a healthy delivery. We assist expecting mothers in accessing appropriate medications and necessary medical interventions, ensuring a safe and comfortable childbirth experience. By providing the necessary resources and support, we aim to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates and improve overall maternal and child health outcomes in rural areas.

Project Shree Maa reflects KD Foundation's commitment to serving the community and addressing the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations. By focusing on antenatal care, we strive to enhance the well-being of expecting mothers, promote healthy pregnancies, and contribute to the long-term health and development of both mothers and children.

Project Shree Maa stands as a testament to our dedication to creating a healthier and more inclusive society where every mother and child receives the care they deserve.

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