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Pain Clinic

At KD Hospital we know that when pain becomes chronic and is not relieved for long time, it has bad effect on the body and mind causing changes in the mental state and mood at times. Also, taking pain killers for a long time can cause adverse effects like kidney problems, heart problems, or acidity. Moreover, surgery may not be the need/option for many people due to reasons such as affordability, ill health, or other contraindications.

This is when, it is important, to CONTROL PAIN WITHOUT PAIN KILLERS OR SURGERY to IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE and the role of pain clinician comes in.

At Kusum Dhirajlal Hospital we have highly qualified and experienced pain clinicians who intervene in such cases to provide you a satisfactory experience with a range of pain relief services and facilities at affordable prices.

Scope Of Services

Caudal neuroplasty involves injecting special medicines, under X-ray control, near the nerves in spine to remove adhesions around nerves and reduce pain. This special treatment works well in reducing back pain, sciatica, and persistent pain after spine surgery.

The platelets present in the human blood contain growth factors that help in healing. In PRP therapy, a small quantity of blood is collected from the patient and concentrated platelets are separated using a special process and injected in various areas of pain. This helps in reducing pain and encouraging healing of the tissues as supported by research. While osteoarthritis pain is the commonest of all conditions treated, other conditions treated include shoulder pain, heel pain, elbow pain.

Research has shown that ozone gas has healing potentials including antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property. The ozone gas derived from oxygen is injected in knee joint to control pain in cases with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder pain, back pain due to inter-vertebral disc bulge, or in case of slipped disc causing sciatica. This at times helps in avoiding surgery also.

Nerve root blocks, epidural injections, facet joint injections, caudal epidural injections, endoscopic discectomy, etc. are certain interventions done to control pain arising from spine

Radio frequency is used in medical field to generate controlled heat in tissues and either stun or ablate the nerves. Research has shown that this reduces pain for long time. We use a special machine with dedicated controls to provide best treatment for various conditions such as pain of the face due to trigeminal neuralgia, spondylitis causing pain of joints in spine, and pain in knee joints persisting after surgery with prolonged results.

Cortisone injections given locally at site of pain are relatively safe and provide good pain relief for lasting duration. They can be used virtually in all kinds of pain locally, barring very few. The most common uses are back pain, neck pain, sciatica pain, pinched nerve in spine, knee pain, shoulder pain, other joint and muscle pain, and pain of neuralgias.

Medical grade alcohol or phenol injections are delivered around various sympathetic nerves to ablate them and stop their functioning for a while. This considerably reduces pain due to cancer, pain due to poor blood supply in legs, or in some complicated pains.

Vertebrae become weak in females after menopause or due to cancer and tend to collapse when subjected to sudden loading. This causes immense pain and patient can become bedridden for some time. Injecting medical cement in these vertebrae reduces pain and further collapse.

Unlike Chinese acupuncture, medical acupuncture is based on medical concept of gate control theory of pain and involves putting routine sterile injection needles of very small gauge just below skin to reduce pain.