KD Hospital has a full fledged radiology department that is equipped with all the latest, high-quality, and state-of the-art equipments. A team of qualified and experienced radiologists helps in the correct interpretation and diagnosis so that correct treatment/ intervention can be provided to the patients accordingly. The radiological services provided at the radiology department in Kusum Dhirajlal Hospital are the best in terms of diagnosis and inference as highly skilled technicians and radiologists are dedicated to providing 24x7 patient care in a professional and compassionate manner. The facilities available in the radiology department include:

  • MRI
  • 1.5 T MRI With Latest Generation HD System
  • Advanced Ultra Sonography
  • Doppler, Ultrasound MSK, Elastography, USG guided interventions, Volume TVS for gynaecological examination, and Fibro scan for liver
  • CT Scan (Revolution Evo128 Slices)
  • CT Coronary Angiography, CT Pulmonary, CT Brain Angiography, 3D CT, High Resolution CT Scan
  • Mammography (SIEMENS)
  • BMD (Bone Mineral Densitometry)
  • OPG (Carestream CS 8100)
  • Digital X-Ray