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This is difficult for people who are not able to visit Hospital due to their health condition to get consulted and diagnosed with proper guidance, so to make quality healthcare accessible for everyone KD Hospital is providing services of Telemedicine through which patients can easily get connected with our team of expert doctors.

Many patients residing in remote areas are deprived of quality healthcare as they are often unable to access & afford healthcare services.

With telemedicine, KD Hospital has helped to overcome this hurdle by allowing access to specialists regardless of location. The approach is through our user friendly software as a live video feed. Patient does not have to download any application on their phone to go for tele consultation with doctor, just have to click on the link provided. It is a hassle free software which has smooth connectivity steps for the patient.

Process involves our general physician or speciality expert checks the patient remotely using this technology. A doctor after getting connected will examine the patient, review Vital signs, take medical history, provide assessment, diagnose and advise treatment.

This minimizes or eliminates the trouble for the patient to travel to the hospital.

The Department of Telemedicine at KD Hospital enables health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients in remote locations using telecommunications technology.

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