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Epilepsy Clinic

What is Epilepsy?

  • Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain. People are diagnosed with epilepsy when they have had two or more seizures.
  • There are different types of seizures. A person with epilepsy can suffer from multiple seizures.

Major Types of Seizures:

Seizures are classified into two groups:-

  • Generalized seizures - affect both sides of the brain.
    • Absence seizures, previously called petit mal seizures, can cause rapid blinking or a few seconds of staring into space.
    • Tonic-clonic seizures, previously called grand mal seizures, can make a person lose consciousness, fall to the ground & have muscle jerks or spasms.
  • Focal seizures - are located in just one area of the brain. These seizures are also called partial seizures.
    • Simple focal seizures affect a small part of the brain. These seizures can cause twitching or a change in sensation, such as a strange taste or smell.
    • Complex focal seizures can make a person with epilepsy confused or dazed. The person will be unable to respond to questions or directions for up to a few minutes.
    • Secondary generalized seizures begin in one part of the brain, but then spread to both sides of the brain. In other words, the person first has a focal seizure, followed by a generalized seizure.

What is an Epilepsy Clinic?

  • An Epilepsy clinic provides a comprehensive team approach to diagnosing and treating epilepsy.
  • This patient-oriented team includes Epileptologists (neurologists with expertise in treating seizures), Neurosurgeons, Neuropsychologists, Neuroradiologists, EEG technicians, Nurses and others with training and experience in epilepsy care.
  • Specialized epilepsy clinics provide routine care to individuals with seizures or epilepsy, and specialize in providing associated comprehensive care services.

How can the Epilepsy Clinic at KD Hospital help the Patient?

KD Hospital’s Epilepsy clinic can help you with:

  • Advanced testing to confirm an epilepsy diagnosis or find an epileptogenic focus.
  • Non-medication therapies including epilepsy surgery.
  • Understanding seizures secondary to genetic disorders or other rare epilepsies.
  • Information about clinical trials of new experimental drugs or devices for seizures.

Why choose us for Epilepsy treatment?

  • KD Hospital's Epilepsy Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for patients and families affected by epilepsy.
  • Our renowned epilepsy experts work together as a team to provide coordinated care for the best possible treatment outcomes.
  • We also recognize that a patient's family plays a critical role in epilepsy treatment, so we include them in the ongoing process of treatment.
  • KD Hospital's Epilepsy Clinic has the most comprehensive care for adults with epilepsy in Gujarat.
  • The Epilepsy Clinic's renowned team includes neurologists, neurosurgeons (trained at the best institutes, nationally & internationally) and other professionals working together to provide exactly the care you need.

Our USP’s

  • A highly experienced team of Senior clinicians - KD Hospital's Epilepsy Clinic team understands the complexities of this condition. Hence, we bring together neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychologists, neuroradiologists and other clinicians with over 25 years of experience to diagnose and treat epilepsy.
  • A Modern approach to treatment - Our treatment approach combines the latest therapies with ongoing research studies to provide you with the highest level of care.
  • Broad-spectrum of services - The clinic offers a wide range of neurological and neurosurgical care services for adults, including non-surgical epilepsy treatment, as well as options for surgery and associated procedures for people with epilepsy.
  • The latest techniques and medical technology - The Epilepsy Clinic at KD Hospital offers the most advanced Electrodiagnostic services. It includes an advanced 32 channel digital EEG machine (with portability and video recording facility) & MRI 1.5T that provides 3D volumetric imaging correction of motion in real-time.

Who should come to the Epilepsy Clinic?

  • People with epilepsy experiencing side effects due to anti-epileptic drugs
  • People taking two or more medications but still having uncontrolled seizures.
  • Females/Pregnant women with epilepsy.