Are Spine problems stopping you from living a Healthy life?

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Spine disorders are one of the most common health disorders prevalent in today’s world. The point of concern is the fact that most people do not go for a doctors consultation till the spinal pain becomes unbearable.

The patients of spine disorders often experience something known as pseudoradicular pain. Pain that radiates towards the extremities of the body is clinically divided into Radicular and Pseudoradicular syndromes.

Radicular pain is defined as a pain that radiates below the knee whereas pseudoradicular pain does not cross this area.

This happens mostly due to degeneration of the spine, involving the intervertebral discs, joints & surrounding soft tissue. Some other causes include infections, inflammation, tumors & metabolic disease. Compression of Spinal nerve roots is a prime cause of back pain, in many cases.

The most common spine problems
1. Slipped Disk or Herniated Disk: The disks act as a buffer between the bones, allowing you to bend and move easily. Herniated disks are caused by tears or leaks in these disks. A herniated disk can cause nerve pain that radiates to the lower back & extends to the leg also. Usually, this sharp pain travels down one side of your buttocks into the leg or even into the foot.

2. Scoliosis : It is an uncommon curvature of the spine (backbone) in which the spine rotates and generates a side-to-side curve. Curves can be mild as 10 degrees, or extreme as 100 degrees or more. Usually, it does not require drastic actions for treatment but when the abnormal curvature affects function & induces pain, then surgical intervention may be needed. The goal is always to lessen pain and enhance function.

3. Spinal Stenosis : Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of one or more spaces within the spine. A tightened space causes the spinal cord or nerves to become compressed, that can lead to back pain and sciatica. This condition can arise in the neck known as cervical spinal stenosis, the middle of the spine called thoracic stenosis, or the lower spine also known as lumbar stenosis. Spinal stenosis may be caused by injuries or disorders such as osteoarthritis and scoliosis. Symptoms range from pain, and numbness to weakness in the neck or back.

4. Ankylosing Spondylitis : It is a type of inflammatory disease that can cause some of the bones in the spine (vertebrae) to fuse. This fusion makes the spine less flexible over the time. Its main symptoms include pain and stiffness in the lower back and hips, especially in the morning.

When to Consult a Specialist?
Back Pain usually goes away with some rest & minor medication. But if it doesn’t get better after about a week of at-home care, then you must consult a specialist Orthopaedic doctor If symptoms such as Tingling, numbness, weakness, or pain in your buttocks or legs are persistent for over a week then it's important to check with your doctor.

Other alarming signs include severe pain or muscle spasms that interfere with your normal activities. You should also be vigilant of any type of fever, weight loss, bowel or bladder problems, or other unexplained symptoms.

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