The importance of receiving Emergency Medical Care at the right time

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According to the 'Golden Hour' concept, critically injured patients must receive immediate medical attention within 60 minutes of sustaining injuries. Receiving a proper treatment within this first hour becomes crucial for the patient, as it can have a massive impact on the survival rate. This medical care is provided by Emergency healthcare services available near you.

A medical emergency can arise anytime in anyone’s life. Be it a young healthy person or an old patient with diseases. Medical emergencies can strike even the strongest. The only preventive action that we can take is to have continuous awareness of our overall health & ways to navigate, in case of any emergency.

What are the early steps for the management of any Medical Emergency?

The main steps in the early management of trauma are:

  • Primary assessment - provides basic data essential for the patient's survival when life or limb is threatened
  • Resuscitation - perform primary assessment and resuscitation together; Reassessment of airway, breathing, and circulation
  • (Resuscitation should be initiated simultaneously with the primary assessment)

  • Secondary assessment - In case of an unstable component in the primary assessment, this step is performed. To be performed after the completion of primary assessment and resuscitation.
  • (It provides comprehensive information about the various organ systems)

The importance of early intervention in Emergency Trauma cases:

  • Prevention of more damage to the patient.
  • Prevention of Early or late Post-traumatic complications.
  • A significant reduction of early post-traumatic death.

The essential thing to remember is understanding the importance of receiving proper medical care at the right time. Because the sooner someone receives medical attention, the better their chances of being saved.

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