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I really appreciate the support I received from the staff and doctor team during my stay at the hospital. Bingo to Dr Manish Khaitan and his support staff, Dr Pinal Shah, who let me plan the complete process of pre and post surgery.

Vidhi Suthar
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
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We had a very nice experience with KD hospital during the treatment of my mother, Vasantben Shukla. The staff is very cooperative and everyone knows their job very perfectly. As our experience with your hospital was very satisfactory, we will suggest our friends and family to come and get your services whenever needed. We seek God’s blessings specially for Dr Sneha Patel, Sister Dharti, Sandhyaben, and Chandrika. We are very happy to have such a good hospital and caretaking staff in Ahmedabad.

Urmila Trivedi

My daughter suffered from very serious complication but due to all the hard work of Dr Snehal Patel and all her team, she is now normal. We are highly thankful to the doctor and her team.

Jasbir Singh
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

We are really very happy with all the services, i.e., from doctors to helpers. All are very cooperative and always ready to help whenever needed which aided in fast recovery. Our father, Jyotirmoy Chakraborty, is wearing his smile again after a long ordeal after suffering from a heart attack. This is all because of the proper medical aid provided under the able supervision of Dr Krunal Tamakuwala and his team along with the highly equipped ICU at KD Hospital.

The hospital is sure to be a landmark medicare destination in the western part of our country as it continues to bring more smiles to people like us who visit here.

Sukanya Chakraborty

We found everything here to be very good. The staff is very polite and provide very good care. The services are treatment are good. Overall the hospital is very clean and the treatment provided is great.

Amrutbhai Patel
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

We came with multiple health issues and are glad that we got consultation of Dr Manish Khaitan to go ahead with Bariatric surgery. From the very next day of surgery, almost all my tablets for diabetes were stopped. I am feeling fresh and energetic from the third day of the operation. Thanks a lot for providing me a new life. We appreciate the continuous support and consultation of Dr Pinal. Also, we specially thank Dr Kashish, Dr Waseem, Mr Monu and all other staff members for their care during my hospitalization.

Bharat K Shah

We really like all the facilities in this hospital. We really feel that we are not in the hospital but in a 5 star hotel. The facilities are very good and I have never seen facilities like this in any hospital. We would like to thank the team and appreciate their hard work. We wish that everything here maintains its quality like this so that we can come here again. All the best and thanks.

Alpesh V Shah
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
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Dear Dr Krunal Tamakuwala,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the warmth with which you treated me to good health. We wish special blessings from God for you. You are not only an extraordinary doctor but also an extraordinary human being. I am highly thankful to you for the care and concern shown by you. It is because of you and your team that I am alive today. As I am preparing to enjoy the company of my children and family, I am highly grateful to the nursing staff at KD Hospital and especially to you for the prompt and correct care, advice, and treatment that brought me back to good health. Your knowledge in the field is also commendable. I also appreciate the kind-hearted and caring nursing staff at the hospital who provided me this award-winning care at the time of medical emergency.

Jasmika Parmar

We found the hospital staff to be very cooperative. Cleaning and hygiene maintenance is done on regular basis. All Doctors and staff come for patients rounds on regular basis. All services are best. We can undoubtedly say that KD Hospital is No. 1 hospital in the city.

Amrutlal M. Patel
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

Dear Dr Snehal,
You are the best! We are lucky to have met you. Thank you for being the “guardian angel” for my son, Anshul Karnik, on multiple occasions. We are indebted to you for your kindness, concern, humanity, and “patient first” attitude. You are the perfect blend of compassion, wisdom, knowledge, and professionalism. I can say, you are an asset to this hospital. We are highly thankful to you and to KD Hospital nursing and support staff for everything.

Pallavi V. Karnik

The emergency services in the hospital are really good. The staff is highly cooperative. The rooms are hygienic and sufficient quantity of food is provided to the patients. Timely medication and health check ups are done. It is remarkable that the staff is friendly with the patients and relatives too. The food and services provided in the canteen is also good and of high quality. The hospital is also maintained very well.

Arunaben N. Doshi
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

We are highly grateful to KD Hospital and Mr Jitubhai Chavda, who advised us to undergo knee replacement from KD Hospital. We got very good support here. The team of Dr Bhalodiya and Dr Priyank was very supportive and we are thankful to them for minimal pain surgery. Starting from the admission to discharge, we have got good service from all staff. Not specifically one or two, I am actually heartily thankful to all staff of KD Hospital. All resident doctors, sweepers, security standing near lift, attendants, physiotherapists, and all other staff have supported us very well. Whenever need arises, we would again like to visit KD Hospital only and we will suggest the same to friends and relatives.

Dharmishtha H Patel

I was admitted to the hospital as I was suffering with dengue fever. I was well received and cared for in the ICU by ICU staff and prompt attention was given by Dr Jigar Mehta. On being shifted to the isolated ward, all staff including nursing, housekeeping, and attending staff took adequate care. Immediate references were made to the cardiology and gastrology department when needed. The concerned department responded without any delay and I was looked after without any inconvenience. Overall, the services were good and the departments and staff were very caring.

Harita K. Tamakuwala
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

I personally feel KD staff and caregivers are very punctual and perform their job nicely. The management and maintenance team also keep a watch on the patient and related staff. Staff is very punctual and regular in taking care of the patient’s diet, clothes, reports, and other maintenance activities. The experience with all the doctors has been great and I would specifically thank Dr Hardik Shah and Dr Rashmi Thakkar for the best treatment. Thanks to the dietician for providing time to time service and care.

Jay Gajjar

I appreciate the efforts taken by all the staff members since admission to discharge are commendable and beyond my expectation in this city of Ahmedabad. I already have recommended all my friends and relatives to visit the hospital who all need medical support. Now the challenges are to maintain the same decoral and spirit for all the new patients who will visit have in coming days and I am sure KD Hospital will do the same. The way we have been taken care here was much beyond our expectation and haven’t feel that we are in public hospital.

Jaya Jha
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

KD Hospital was suggested to us by one of our doctor friend. After coming to KD Hospital and meeting the staff and doctors of KD, we were received and treated like family members. We found that everyone here works together to provide care and help to each other. Everyone including administration, doctor, nursing staff, security and all other staff are very helpful. We are thankful to you for providing all the services under one roof. We hope that the way doctors explain and interact with patients remains the same. We wish to get same kind of services from KD in the future also.

Kalpanaben Nayi

We really appreciate the great care we received for the treatment of our father, Mr Kanubhai Sheth, who had undergone surgery for fracture of femur under the care of Dr Kalpan Desai. All the doctors, staff nurses, attendants, housekeeping, and canteen staff treated us with love, kindness, and compassion. The staff nurses are very punctual in giving medicines on time. Attendants are great help and they all work with great compassion. We are deeply indebted to all the doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, and staff for the great care they provided to our father. Thank you very much for all the help and support.

Dr Chintan Sheth and Dr Tejaswini Sheth
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

I would like to thank both Dr Anuja Desai & Ms Jasoda for providing this delightful & absolutely wonderful experience of LASIK Surgery. I would also like to thank all staff members of KD Hospital for their amazing contribution & valuable support. I will carry wonderful memorable moments of KD Hospital.

Krushil P. Kadiya

I am a resident of Pali district and my wife, Marunisa Kureshi, has been ill since 1997. I took her for treatment to Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Beawar, Udaipur, and all other places where referred but I was not satisfied by the treatment provided at any of these places. Her condition was also not improving. Then I was referred to KD Hospital where I not only got good treatment, but also very good and supportive staff, which is not available anywhere else in India according to me. My family is highly grateful and indebted to KD Hospital. In future, I wish every city has a hospital like KD Hospital and staff similar to the staff present here.

Jaffar Hussain
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

I found the hospital to be very good as all the workers and coworkers behave with good hospitality manners. The management is very nice and all things are managed timely. The environment provided is very nice and homely. I would also like to thank Dr Mahendrabhai Desai, Dr Anand Desai, Dr Hardik Shah, and manager Nirali, etc. May God always be with you as you help patients. Thanks.

Mukeshkumar R. Soni

The staff and the doctors here were very knowledgeable. The environment was clean and hygienic. Both doctors and standard/support staff were very humanitarian. Enough facility and services were available and treatment was very good. I will recommend this hospital to my family and friends also.

Nidhi S Patel
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

I would like to heartily thank the management at KD Hospital for the excellent services provided. The nurses, doctors, and other staff in the hospital are very good and we received very good service. The behaviour of all staff towards the patient, Ms Prabhavati V Bhatt, was very nice and positive. The diet plan and facilities provided are also outstanding. In future also whenever we will need any kind of treatment, we will come to KD Hospital only as all work is done properly and in a hygienic way here. I am grateful to all staff, doctors, and nurses on the floor for their kind services.

Vaishali S Dwivedi

We are highly thankful to Dr Tushar Patel, Dr Shweta, and their team for improving the condition of my father, Mr Rajenderbhai G. Patel. The condition of my father was very bad and we had lost all hope. My father has actually got a new life with efforts of the doctors and staff at KD Hospital. I wholeheartedly thank them for everything.

Niyati Patel
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

I am highly satisfied with the hospital consultation, management, and treatments (both medical and surgical). I highly appreciate the floor staffs, doctors (medical officers), and attendants for their services and the real care they exhibit for the patient’s condition while performing their duties. I would like to add that the food services from the canteen was also appreciable and whatever and whenever I demanded I got in a warm, positive, polite, and timely manner. Also the floor PRO, Mr Aakash Mangal, is very supportive, jolly nature guy and he is willing to help anytime I need his help and query about food.

Rubbeva Aber

After reaching KD Hospital, we got information about bariatric surgery from Dr Pinal for the first time. We were pleased by the behaviour and the way the process was explained to us and agreed to go for the surgery after complete understanding. We admitted Mrs Santosh Mardia and the surgery performed by Dr Khaitan and his team on her birthday was commendable. The nursing staff, Monu, and Akash, behaved very well and provided all type of cooperation. The stay at the hospital, cleanliness of the room, and complete support and cooperation of the staff is really appreciated. We thank the team and staff of KD Hospital for giving a new life to her on her birthday.

Mr Mahendra Mardia
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

I brought my wife, Mrs Shantaben Makwana, to KD Hospital and experienced very good treatment and management. We did not face any kind of problem in hospital and all staff is very kind and helpful. The medical officer and nursing staff took proper care of the patient. As we stay in the vicinity of the hospital, we feel proud to have this type of hospital near our residence. Hospital cleanliness is taken well care of, with special attention to the food quality. All services and medications were provided timely by the attending staff. We just admire the “patient first” attitude shown by KD Hospital.

Rajivbhai Makwana

My daughter, Shivani J Singh, was admitted in KD Hospital and we found the staff to be very cooperative and helpful. We thank them from the core of our heart for their support and services. All the attendants, doctors, housekeeping provided a very homely environment and care. I would once again like to thank the doctors, Dr Ankita Jain and Dr Snehal Patel, at KD Hospital for providing their expert care. Our experience at KD Hospital was over and above of what we had heard about the services. We wish the best for KD Hospital from God so the hospital prospers and continues to provide quality services to all those who need them.

Badan Singh
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

Hospital management is excellent, the food provided to patient is also good. We really liked the behaviour of doctors and nursing staff. It is because of KD hospital that I am alive. This hospital is a saviour for me and because of KD Hospital I got a new life.

Suresh G Barochiya

Honestly, I cannot give the name of any one doctor or nurse as each and every member, be it from any section, nursing and care, housekeeping, floor managers, dieticians - everyone is so nice and courteous. I was admitted in another private multispeciality hospital last year and perceived that nothing could be better than this. Now as I admitted my father here when he was ill, I was a bit reluctant initially, but then I decided to admit him here because of the proximity from my residence. Thanks for proving that my decision was really very wise.

DR Sehgal
Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad
Health Check Up Packages in Ahmedabad

As I was not well, I took appointment from the hospital and received good treatment from the medical team. As my medical condition did not improve, I was admitted to the hospital for two days. I received excellent medical care from all those involved in my healthcare. The support staff was also very kind and helpful. All of this aids one’s recovery. Whilst no one wants to be in the hospital, my time here was actually good. Thank you everyone.

William Smith

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