Dr. Shailesh Talati

Medical Oncology

Dr. Shailesh Talati

Sr. Consultant Medical Oncology

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Educational Qualifications

  • MD
  • MBBS

  • 35+ years of Experience

Technical Skills

  • Since 1984, Shailesh Talati has been practicing as an oncologist and hematologist in Ahmedabad.
  • He is a pioneer figure in the field of Medical Oncology & is well renowned all over India.
  • He has been instrumental in the standardisation of the F.N.A.C. procedure for lung cancer at GCRI, Ahmedabad, which has become the accepted diagnostic method for lung cancer.
  • His areas of special interest include management of various conditions such as Sarcoma, Myeloma & lung cancer


  • Dr Shailesh Talati is currently working as Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist at KD Hospital, Ahmedabad.

Experiences in Clinical trials

  • Phase II trial in triple Receptor negative Breast Cancer Patients
  • Phase II multi national, Multicenter GCP trial - Blood and bone marrow cancers.
  • Phase III trial in metastatic Pancreatic cancer(2 Study)
  • Phase III trial in The Treatment of Bone Metastases in Subjects withAdvanced Cancer or Multiple Myeloma
  • Phase III trial in Lung Cancer
  • Phase II trial in Metastatic Breast Cancer (3 Study)
  • Phase II trial in oral Mucositis
  • Phase III trial in CML
  • Phase III trial in Metastatic Soft Tissue or Bone Sarcoma
  • Phase II trial in Lung cancer
  • Phase III trial for the Prevention of Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting Associated with Cisplatin Chemotherapy
  • Phase III trial in NHL
  • Phase III trial in carcinoma of Ovary
  • Phase II/III, Multicentre trial in Relapsed CLL
  • Phase III, Multicentre trial in CLL
  • Phase III, multicentre trial in Myeloma
  • Phase III trial in Prostate Cancer.
  • Phase III trial in Second line Lung Cancer.
  • Phase III trial in Advanced Renal cell carcinoma.
  • Trial of prophylaxis of Neutropenia.
  • Phase II trial of gastrointestinal stromal tumor.
  • Phase III trial of adjuvant Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
  • Phase III trial of hormone refractory Prostate Cancer.
  • Phase II study of Colorectal Cancer
  • Phase II study of Extensive stage Small Cell Lung Cancer.