Dr. Akash N Shah

Endocrinology & Diabetic Clinic

Dr. Akash N Shah

Consultant Endocrinologist

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Educational Qualifications

  • MD (General Medicine), DM Endocrinology

  • 5+ years of Experience

Technical Skills

  • Specializes in diagnosing and treating diabetes, thyroid diseases, obesity, and PCOS.
  • Proficient in addressing infertility, growth issues, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, certain cancers, and hormone-related conditions of the adrenal and pituitary glands.


  • Currently working as a Consultant Endocrinologist at KD Hospital, Ahmedabad
  • Consultant Endocrinologist in various hospitals.

Presentations & Publications

  • Adrenal Incidentaloma Needs Thorough Biochemical Evaluation - An Institutional Experience - published in IJEM 2022; 26: 73-8.
  • Winner of best paper presentation at ESICON 2020.
  • Member of the Endocrine Society.
  • Participated at various conferences as faculty.