COVID-19 Vaccination

Before getting the vaccine

  • All citizens above the age of 18 are eligible to get the vaccine with or without comorbidities.
  • If you have any comorbidities or any other conditions, let your physician know about your present condition
Covid Vaccination Hospital in Ahmedabad

A process on how to register for COVID-19 vaccination

  • Open Aarogya Setu application or website.
  • In Aarogya Setu application - VACCINATION > ENTER MOBILE . PROCEED TO VERIFY
  • Once your mobile verification is complete, you can fill in your personal details with photo ID card type, number and beneficiary's registered name, gender and age.
  • Click on the "REGISTER" tab.
  • For beneficiaries having comorbidities, click on "YES" when it asks "Do you have any comorbidities (any pre-existing medical condition)." These candidates will have to carry a doctor's certificate proving the comorbidity at the time of vaccination.
  • Once registered, a confirmation will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • To schedule an appointment, go to "Book Appointment for Vaccination." You can also add 3 more beneficiaries on the same mobile number, to do so, click on the "ADD MORE" tab.
  • To search for KD Hospital Vaccination Center, select Gujarat State and Ahmedabad City or search 382421 Pincode.
  • Select KD Hospital as your chosen vaccination centre and book your appointment for vaccination as per your time and date preference.
  • After filling in the required fields, click on "CONFIRM" to book the appointment and download your appointment receipt after confirming it.
Once you arrive at KD Hospital, go through the following steps for smooth process flow:
  • Visit Helpdesk of KD Vaccination Centre on the 1st floor of the hospital. Get your appointment verified at the HelpDesk wherein you are required to fill in your personal details like name, age, gender and ID proof.
  • Proceed for CoWIN registration with the help of the vaccination officer.
  • After clearing the registration and billing, you will be guided to give your Consent
  • Post your filling in the Consent form, you'll be vaccinated.
  • You then will be directed to the Observation Area to be monitored for 30 minutes for any unexpected reactions.

COVID-19 vaccine aids in developing immunity in the body against coronavirus. This administration helps in forming antibodies that can fight COVID-19 infection.

  • COVID-19 vaccines are administered in a series of 2 doses. Both the doses are required to be administered to have maximum protection against coronavirus.
  • Common side effects of these vaccines include feeling unwell, tiredness, chills, fever, headache, muscle ache, a lump or redness at the site of injection, vomiting, flu-like symptoms etc. which may last from 24 - 48 hours.
  • Reported side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have mostly been mild to moderate and have lasted no longer than a few days.
  • If the symptoms last for a longer period or worsen, consult your healthcare provider.
  • In case you develop adverse allergic reactions to the first dose, consult your physician (internal medicine specialist) before getting the second dose.
  • Severe allergic reactions as hives, constant itching, changes in the skin, wheezing, chest discomfort, trouble breathing.
  • Slow or rapid heartbeats, dizziness, passing out, anxiety
  • Change in eyesight or change in hearing.

Once you are vaccinated, you should keep wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and washing your hands even after getting the vaccine.

You will be receiving an autogenerated certificate and in case you don't receive the same, you can download your certificate by clicking on